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The CS70N gives you the best of both worlds in one professional wireless headset: Featuring a top-of-the-line, noise-canceling microphone for clear speech even in environments with distracting background noise, the CS70N is perfect for a wide variety of users and business environments. Only three hours to a full charge, talk longer with less downtime. View larger Experience all-day comfort with the lightweight earhook design. View larger Its lightweight behind-the-ear design is discreet and comfortable enough to be worn all day. A superior microphone and earpiece create a high-performance headset yielding great results for both traditional phone lines and IP telephony systems.

APP-5 Hook Switch

IT professionals must make critical decisions about their company s equipment, yet have less time to evaluate the various options. The purpose of this white paper is to provide specific information regarding wireless headsets in order to ensure the purchase of the equipment that best fits the needs of your organization. Wireless headset systems are a relatively new phenomenon, gaining popularity in the workplace over the past five years.

As an industry leader, Plantronics has helped lead this charge in creating a hands-free solution with enhanced mobility.

Plantronics CS55 Wireless Headset System for Office Telephones. Refurbished and Thoroughly Tested by Dedicated Wireless Headset Technician. Break Free From Your Desk and Roam Up to Feet Across the Office While Staying Productive on Sales or Support Calls.

Follow these simple instructions and you’ll be wireless and hands-free in minutes… Setting up your Plantronics CS Series Headset Unplug the coiled receiver cord from your phone base detach the handset from the jack at the base end of your phone. Plug the flat black connector cord that is already plugged into your Plantronics CS Headset System base into the jack where you just unplugged your telephone handset.

The jack is located below the headset base facing forward, allowing you to easily answer and end the phone without use of the headset. If you’ve tried the above without success, please call our Headset Advisors at We will happily help you get it working. How your caller hears you: A is the quietest, D is the loudest.

How you hear the caller:

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Accessories Accessories Behind-the-head headband Extremely light and comfortable wearing alternative. Fit kit with earloops, eartips and foam sleeve Electronic hookswitch cable EHS Electronically takes your desk phone handset off the hook. Customise Your Headset Customise your headset Your headset comes configured for your right ear with a pre-installed small ear tip and medium ear loop. You can also configure your headset for your left ear, install a different sized ear tip and ear loop, or install the headband.

 · Increased range for maximum mobility, one-touch controls, energy-efficient power management, and simple plug-and-talk installation Stay productive in your office with the Plantronics telephone headset. This telephone headset system boasts a range of feet, ensuring that you stay mobile while you communicate with customers or fellow ://

Television Savi W Dect Head Hot swappable battery for unlimited talk-time Additional battery sold separately. Wireless freedom up to Feet from your desk. Uc presence automatically updated when on a PC, mobile or desk phone call. For plantronics cs10 and ca10 cordless headset systems; works with corded S20 and A20 headset systems. Great for all your needs. Accessory for any Plantronics Wireless Office headset system.


Nobody can listen in on your calls Answer and end calls when you’re away from your desk with optional handset lifter Mute button allows for private, off-headset conversations The Plantronics Savi series hasn’t been around for very long, but it’s already into its second generation. The new Savi series is the Savi W , a convertible wireless headset that can be connected to your phone and computer at the same time. If you’re familiar with the longstanding CS Series from Plantronics, the Savi is very similar in form and function it offers a similar range of up to 90 meters, a slightly lower talk time of up to 7 hours and a very similar overall look , but with some added benefits.

The biggest difference is the fact that you can in fact connect the Savi W to your phone, Bluetooth enabled cell phone and computer at the same time. This is a huge help to those of you who use your computer for VoIP calling, voice dictation or listening to music between calls. If you’re looking for an all-in-one headset solution, the Savi W is a great option.

guide* (qsg). the qsg should be used to set up your cs50 Plantronics Ct14 User Guide – plantronics. this guide contains instructions for setting up and using your ac power adapter user subject: lh10 user guide keywords: lh10,headset lifter Electronic Hook Switch Guide – Comfort Telecom Canada for a complete set up.

Mic and headphone Thanks Don. I probably am worried about nothing. I know some others using this setup on Kenwood and Flex. Their’s seemed a little more complex. That is the reason for the question. Allen Griffith On Tuesday, March 4, 7:

Savi W720 83544-01 Dect Head

Wireless Headset Off-Hook Control , Basically, the Phone should always be “listening” for an Off-Hook request from the headset regardless of the default Off-Hook Preference. I use the headset a lot, but I also use the Speaker quite a bit as well, particularly when listening to voicemails.

Jan 02,  · SOURCE: plantronics cs55 problem Turn on the wireless headset as soon as the HL10 lifter picks up the headset. Remember to press the call answer switch. A steady green light should come on the base and the wireless headset should have a small green blinking light on, on its side.

Programming a headset button on a Mitel SuperSet , phone: This new button that you create will be what you press to answer and end a call on the headset. Here are the instructions to program the SuperSet for headset use: Press Superkey Press NO until you see: Change Press NO until you see: The key that you select for the headset key must be lit when using the headset. Also, the headset connection plug is on the back of the phone. If you need to order headsets for your Mitel phone, give us a call at or visit by clicking here: Plantronics Headsets at Founders Telecom 1 comment – Latest by:

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One of which is my headset, the plantronics CS This is a great little rig, and I really think all call center workers or anyone who spends any length of time on the telephone in their jobs should use this. It has a nice, thin band that sits comfortably above the non-listening ear. The listening ear has a leather covered comfort piece. It fits snugly over the ear, allowing the user to walk away at the end of the day with very little pressure there.

time up to hours, auto pairing. headset to replace the plantronics onics csn user guide pdf – – user manual – sudrz – plantronics voyager a user guide plantronics voyager a user guide book this is the book you are looking for, from the many other.

At first I was underwhelmed while trying to hook it up myself a few different ways, but got it. One reason was the earphone buttons aren’t described until over halfway through the manual. But once I got it working, it did the job well. Then I got into the other switches on the base unit and set it to suit my needs, especially the option to merely lift the headset to activate it. Sounds clear and everyone can hear me so clear.

The volume ranges and mike adjust on the base are very useful and accessible. The extra foam earpads make it even more comfortable. It’s perfect for all the conferences and calls I must be in while hammering the keyboard or pacing the floor. A perfect phone communication tool. Mitch Choukalos best I’ve ever had. It has clear sound so I can hear my customers. I am in a high level sales capacity and have used various “retail” headsets before and gotten complaints from clients as well as suppliers and co-workers.

I very recently broke mine and called in a panic to get a new one and the process was quick, easy, and quite painless.

Plantronics APP-5 EHS Adapter (Polycom)

It can be used for tuition, supplies, books or board at the college or university of the student. It will the student help a lot to cope with the finances of higher education. Sep 20, Application Deadline:

Sale Plantronics CS50 MHz Wireless Office Headset. Shopping Philips SHSA/28 Ear-Hook Headset for Android. Reviews Plantronics M Marque 2 Ultralight Bluetooth Headset – user reviews Had the Moto H17txt which I liked but the rubber earpiece wouldn’t stay on. So far this one does.

The Sennheiser PC headset includes two 3. You may also use this on handheld game consoles such as the Playstation Portable system. This is quite useful whenever you are switching in between different applications which require different sound levels. The PC is a well built unit that was intended to last. The PC is very lightweight and comfortable on the ears and around the head, even for prolonged periods of usage.

The headsets fit very well for any head size and have plenty of range for expansion. The design is very functional and simple, with the microphone boom that is very easy to position and flips up with the headband when not in use.

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You have made the right choice for comfort and versatility. This system allows your telephone to use a cordless Plantronics headset through an adapting base. It offers hands-free convenience and long-range workspace mobility. With the use of an optional handset lifter, the user can remotely receive the telephone’s ring alert and can answer the call by simply pushing the talk button on the headset. This side of the guide has the Important Safety Instructions that should be read prior to set up and use of your system.

The quick start part on the other side identifies the components, has five steps to get you started, and test the system.

Plantronics cs55 – results from brands Plantronics, UpStart Battery, Insten, products like Plantronics CS55 / CS50 / Uniband Headband 2 Pack, Plantronics CS55 DECT Convertible Cordless Headset (w/o Lifter), Plantronics Replacement Headband For CS

This is a problem that users of older generation iPods and iPhones are probably becoming very aware of. Anyhow, since I like keeping things out of the landfill when I can, I have a soldering iron handy. There are more expensive versions of the same replacement online, and given the proclivity of cheap lithium batteries to burst into flame and the proximity of this device to human heads it might not be a bad idea to spring for the more expensive variety. Start with removing the one screw at the base of the ear piece.

The silver shell should separate from the black portion that sits on the ear. Here are the two solder joints connecting the battery to the printed circuit board. There was also a bit of glue that I pealed off at this point before soldering. Here is the new battery green next to the old still connected battery. Notice how the new battery has a bit of tape covering the red postive wire.

This is probably a good idea as it prevents the two wires from potentially shorting and causing a fire. You should probably throw a bit of tape on the end of the red wire on your old battery once removed for safer storage before you can get around to recycling it. After the new battery is soldered on, carefully tuck it back into place and then reassemble the headset.

You can be done with the whole process in under 5 minutes if your soldering iron heats up fast enough.

Plantronics CS50/55 Pairing Guide