Floyd Mayweather agrees to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov

Well, it also drove a wedge between 50 Cent and his longtime friend Floyd “Money” Mayweather. The two have been bickering for the past few months, and on Thursday November 29 , 50 paid a visit to Power in Los Angeles and opened up to morning show host Big Boy about the issues between him and his boxing buddy. Fif claims it all started when Floyd asked for his help in running his Mayweather Promotions company before turning himself in to serve a three-month jail sentence that ended in August. It’s not incorporated,” revealed the music mogul, who received his boxing-promoter license in Vegas earlier this month. According to Fif’s account, the boxing champ told the rapper that he never gave him the green light to start a company and that’s where the barrage of tweets came in. At the top of November, the two titans went back and forth on Twitter , hurling insults. Fif would later claim that it was a marketing ploy that they used to drum up excitement after Floyd’s return from prison, but he recanted that and told Big Boy that the rift was, in fact, a real one. Still the “In da Club” MC maintains that he views the pugilist as a brother and that’s why the situation has escalated past a war of words, though he did admit that he and Floyd came to blows at least twice before. Let us know in the comments!


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Floyd Mayweather Sr.

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Erica Dixon is feeling some type of way about Bambi Johnson dating is erica really dating floyd mayweather baby. Is a 40 year old American Boxer. Floyd Mayweather Love and .

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Mayweather ended his almost two decade professional career undefeated with a record when he hung up his gloves for good in September after defeating Andre Berto. Rumors swirl about a potential comeback to fight Conor McGregor. He is the highest paid boxer in history and was the highest paid athlete for several years. He broke the pay-per-view record for his fight against Manny Pacquiao.

Fans call him The Best Ever, or T. Over the course of his career, Mayweather competed in four different weight classes and took home six ESPYs.

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No one mentioned the date that most weighed on their collective conscience, an anything-but-random Friday 27 days after the fight. That is when Mayweather, 35, is scheduled to report to jail for misdemeanor domestic violence and harassment charges reached in a plea bargain. The undefeated boxer with an room mansion will live inside a by foot cell for up to 87 days starting June 1. He will swap gloves for prison garb, marble for steel, boxing for boxed in.

When Manny Pacquiao fights here in June, Mayweather is supposed to be jailed a few miles down the road. Mayweather appeared unconcerned as he smiled into the nearest mirror and stepped inside the ring to spar, as if the sentence that awaited amounted to little more than a vacation. Even if preparations for this fight, while typical, serve a different purpose: Dad going to prison.

T.I. & Floyd Mayweather Fight Over Tiny!!

Press tour in pictures Floyd Mayweather Jr. Here are the highlights – and lowlights. Press tour in pictures Mayweather’s taunts were frequently drowned out by the boisterous London crowd. Press tour in pictures The two men were involved in a bad-tempered face off at the start of the London presser. Press tour in pictures The undefeated boxer and the Irish UFC champion kicked off the four-city promotional tour for their Aug.

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Did Erica Dixon Get Pregnant By A Married Man?

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Yesterday night Floyd won the fight with Miguel Cotto ,even if the score was way to large to real difference between the 2 boxers I had Floyd winning by a margin of 2 rounds max but if he fight Pac like he did yesterday night Floyd is going to get hurted and lose! Floyd still very fast with his hand and accurate too but his footwork is not what used to be and because of that he has to engage more than in the past and with sameone of the power and speed of Pac he is going to get hurted and be stopped before the end of the 12 rounds match!

Pac is going to KO Floyd! Hatton, Ortiz and Mosley for instance tried coming straight at Floyd and ended up losing. As we all know, Hatton and Margarito paid the price for standing in front of the Filipino fighter. Anyone who knows anything about boxing knows that Manny has struggled when he is counterpunched … like in the trilogy against Marquez and his only recent loss against Erik Morales who was able to counter punch Manny and was aggressive enough unlike Marquez that he ended up putting Pacman on the defensive with that kind of style.

Good effort by Cotto, but a solid win for Mayweather. Dreamstr He was just a little too heavy for this fight.. To all the girls here who do not understand boxing. To you all who said that pacquiao didnt win on the last marquez fight.

Floyd Mayweather Puts Mexican Girlfriend in Blackface for Photo Shoot (Look!)

The American boxing promoter left his mark on the boxing world, having competed 49 times and winning every single match. Retiring for the second time in , a return is thought to be very possible and it would be quite something to see him compete a 50th time. So you could also imagine him having his fair share of partners over the years.

EXCLUSIVE. Canelo Alvarez says he’s sick of watching Floyd Mayweather try to make fights that hurt the sport of boxing — like Conor and Khabib — and says if he really wants.

This match is scheduled to take place on August 26, Apart from his boxing career, Floyd has also appeared in several movies and television series. Floyd belongs to the African-American ethnic background. He experienced his child hood in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His father Floyd Mayweather Sr. He dated American Actress, Josie Harris for about 14 years. They got together in May and got engaged in September They have three children from this relationship Koraun Zion and one of the girls — Jirah.

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Erica Dixon Drops a Major Bombshell on Bambi about her Fiancé Lil’ Scrappy!