Five Rolex Bracelet Types

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Serial numbers by year

Tourbillons defied gravity, bi-metallic springs defied temperature, and rubber gaskets defied moisture. Same with ceramic bezels. And of course, the new era of silicon movement components have revolutionized the way watchmakers combat the evils of magnetism.

Genuine Rolex President watches available for purchase. About Us. Bernard Watch is one of the most respected names in fine Swiss timepieces online.

Taking the watches underwater will revoke their guarantee. Difference between Swiss and Japanese Quality: The materials that are used for the casing, bracelet, and exterior features of both types of watch are the same. The only difference is in the precision of the manufacturing. Some exterior details may be closer to the original and the exterior features of the watch may be more exact on the Swiss models.

The biggest difference between Swiss and Japanese quality is the mechanism itself. They are identical to the original in every way. Japanese quality watches are made with Miyota movement. This mechanism can sometimes be less precise. On Japanese quality watches the chronograph feature is sometimes just for show. On Swiss quality watches the power reserve is better so it will need to be wound less. Although some sites may make a claim their replica watches are water proof no replica watch is water proof.


When combined with the bracelet clasp code, Rolex serial numbers can also be used to determine the originality of the bracelet. In , Rolex did away with the traditional numeral only system of serial numbers, and began the letter prefix system. The first letter prefix, R, was introduced in This system of serial numbers begins with a letter in the alphabet, and 6 digits of Arabic numerals follow that said letter.

This style serial number contains 8 digits of a mixture of alphabet letters and Arabic numerals, making it impossible to date your Rolex without examining the warranty card issue date.

Three striking bracelets to choose from, a practical 41mm stainless steel case and a price tag that undercuts the Rolex by less than half the price is a winner in anyone’s book.

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Specifically, the case diameter.

Rolex Luxury Watches

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Five Rolex Bracelet Types March 30, Perhaps one of the easiest ways to identify a Rolex wristwatch is by the bracelet. Rolex offers five different bracelet types on their current models, each with a unique look and functionality. This black elastomer bracelet has a blade made of a titanium-nickel alloy at its core that attaches the case to the clasp.

The inside of the bracelet is lined with a longitudinal cushion system that stabilizes the watch on the wrist and it is fitted with an Everose gold Oysterlock clasp. Composed of flat and broad three piece links, this bracelet can be fitted with all of the Rolex clasps currently available. The Oyster was introduced in the late s and is currently fitted on the most popular Rolex models, including the Submariner , Daytona and Sky-Dweller.

It can be fitted with either an Oysterclasp or a Crownclasp. The photo below shows a two-tone Jubilee with the Crownclasp. Rolex Jubilee Bracelet President Bracelet Perhaps one of the most prestigious Rolex bracelets, the iconic President bracelet features a three-piece semicircular link that was introduced in on the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date. It is always fitted with a Crownclasp, as shown in the photograph below and is reserved for the Day-Date model and some Lady’s Datejust models.

It features five rounded links on a sophisticated and smooth bracelet that always comes fitted with a Crownclasp. The rectangular links on this model made it perfect for adding diamonds down the bracelet as we see in the current Pearlmaster model.

Vintage 1967 Men’s Rolex Day-Date President Watch

Due to the complexity of the watch and its automatic movement, additional discs and a screw down back was added. The Day Date was available in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum. The featured the new caliber movement with its free sprung Micro-Stella balance, the first to be labeled “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified” on the dial, and had a new accuracy standard guaranteed. With only a few minimal changes in the case design over the years, the first large modification to the Day Date was the addition of the hack feature in This allowed the second hand to be stopped if you wanted to set the time to match an accurate source.

At this time, the shape of the head was essentially the same as it is today.

History of the Rolex Day Date President. The Rolex Day-Date Released in and lasting just over a year, the Rolex model, first known as the “Rolex Day Date”, had a day window showing at twelve o’clock as well as the date shown at three o’clock.

Their ergonomics are carefully studied, while their robustness and reliability, their aesthetics and lustre are all inherent to the personality of the timepiece. Like the Oyster case, they are the product of a complex alchemy of form and function. Their design, development and production, as well as the stringent tests they face, involve advanced technology, know-how and craftsmanship.

Few are so crucial to the security of a Rolex owner’s prized possession and to their comfort. The new-generation Oysterlock clasp reconciles the demands made on the Professional watches, with a sublime blend of robust yet sophisticated engineering, simple handling, smooth lines and, above all, security. Its patented Rolex Glidelock clasp lets divers expand the band to about 20 mm in 2 mm increments, while the Fliplock extension links enable the band to be adjusted by an additional 26 mm.

This remarkable extension allows for a secure and comfortable fit over the most protective diving suits. It is fitted on the entire range of Professional watches, but also on some classic models such as the Datejust, Day-Date and Sky-Dweller. It can be equipped with all types of Rolex clasps Oysterclasp, Oysterlock and Crownclasp and can include the Easylink comfort extension link system.

President Bracelet Iconic Identities This refined, exclusive metal bracelet with semi-circular three-piece links was created in for the launch of the prestigious Oyster Perpetual Day-Date. The President bracelet is still reserved today for the Day-Date and for certain versions of the Datejust for ladies in precious metals. It is always fitted with a Crownclasp, Rolex’s elegant concealed clasp. Jubilee Bracelet Iconic Identities This supple and comfortable five-piece link metal bracelet was designed specially for the launch of the Oyster Perpetual Datejust in It is fitted with either a concealed Crownclasp or Oysterclasp.


Welcome In the world of luxury watches there is one name that says quality like no other, that name is Rolex. Rolex would undeniably be the most recognized brand in the world for luxury watches. A Rolex represents the ultimate symbol of timekeeping excellence. Within the Rolex family of watches amongst such famous models as the Submariner, the Datejust, and the Oyster there is one watch that stands out from the rest, one watch that is little known to the general public, but legendary amongst collectors.

This watch is the Rolex Daytona, the most sought after watch in the world.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Watch SN: K Series (Circa ) Ref. 40mm 18K yellow gold case, black time lapse bezel, black dial, date window at 3 o’clock, and Oyster bracelet. Water-resistant to feet.

The first major purchase for most gents who care something about style will be a decent watch. Even in these tech-crunched days — perhaps even more so — a real, well-made watch makes a statement about your values, your taste, and your approach to life in general. Now more than ever, an appreciation of timekeeping is the mark of a man of means. They say nothing about the man you really are or aspire to be.

But just know that the perfect price point for any beginner lands right under a grand. It’s still historically idolized.

Rolex Day-Date President and Bracelet Stretch