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Sunday, August 17, T. The company made dairy appliances and butter churns but is most noted for being one of the first major manufacturers of washing machines in Victorian Britain. It was not until the s that washing machines as we would recognize them began to be sold in any number. These early machines were wooden-bodied, hand operated and showed a wide variety of forms, most incorporating wringers. One of the major manufacturers of early washing machines was Thomas Bradford. Bradford’s distinctive motif can be found on many washing machines in museums and reconstructed laundries, as well as on box mangles, ironing stoves, linen presses and butter churns dating from the second half of the 19th century. Thomas Bradford founded his company in Salford in and later set up a steam laundry in London.

Buttered Up: 12 Vintage Pictures of Churning Butter

The discovery of a wooden object at Norton Bridge, reported in the Staffordshire Newsletter , was made on the site of a new flyover currently being constructed by Network Rail along with 11 new bridges. The work is being carried out in order to remove a bottleneck on the busy West Coast Main Line. The artifact was discovered among the remains of worked wooden stakes and wood chips on waterlogged peat near Meece Road, just south of Yarnfield in Staffordshire.

Radiocarbon tests have dated the wooden lid to to AD when the area was part of the Saxon kingdom of Mercia. The results show that the artifact is roughly the same age as the famous Staffordshire Hoard , the largest collection of Anglo-Saxon gold found anywhere in the world. The Staffordshire Hoard, discovered in a field in Hammerwich, near Lichfield in July , is perhaps the most important collection of Anglo-Saxon objects found in England.

Established in , Mike’s Antiquary has been a full service restoration facility with antiques being the specialty.

Maureen Zambito Antique of the Week Proudly stamped with “New Style” this white cedar butter churn is of the cylinder type and dates to about Even preparation of simple foods had to be done at home. Take butter for instance. Until the late 19th century, butter was made slowly — daily or weekly — by hand in a butter churn after the cows were milked. These churns were made of glass, wood or metal, and they were for home or farm use, not commercial.

The earlier butter churns are the ones most people picture with the long pushing part called a dasher inserted in the bottom container that looks a lot like a small barrel. Because the constant pushing motion of churning was tough work, crank style handles were adapted to the design, and a tabletop churn was developed. Cylinder churns are a type of wooden tabletop churn that became very popular in the early s.

Pass the Butter

Butter was probably first created accidentally when whole milk carried in skin bags was carried by horseback and naturally “churned” while traveling over rough terrain. The first documented mention of butter making was in the sacred songs of the dwellers of Asiatic India, dating back to 1, , B. There is historical mention of ancient tribes creating primitive churns by horizontally agitating cow, yak and horse milk.

Butter back then was not only eaten, but used as an illumination oil, for medicinal purposes and also as skin coating to insulate the tribe members from the harsh winter cold. The expansion of the northern Asian tribes by conquest and colonization brought butter to the inhabitants of southern Asia. However, butter in the southern climates could not be stored as easily as it could in the frozen northern plains.

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What kind of man or women churns your butter lol?

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Here are ways to identify authentic antique crocks. Turn the crock over and look for a maker’s mark or stamp. The mark may be a symbol, logo, letter or the name of the manufacturer.

Haveyou noticed the current fascination with butter? Foodies, chefs and home cooks are really into butter and its value in the kitchen and on the table. I read an article on butter in a food magazine recently that explained in detail the difference between European butter versus USA Europe has higher butterfat , sweet versus salted, cultured versus not, organic and more. Butter is definitely cool! My mom purchased margarine and served that in the butter dish. Once I tasted the difference though, I never turned back.

Until the late 19th century, butter was made slowly — daily or weekly — by hand in a variety of butter churns after the cows were milked. These churns were made of glass, wood or metal and they were for home or farm use, not commercial.

Agricultural Mechanization

In the first centuries butter was shipped from India to ports of the Red Sea. In the 12th century, Scandinavian butter was an article of oversee commerce. The Germans sent ships to Bergen, in Norway, and exchanged their cargoes of wine for butter and dried fish. It is interesting to note that the Scandinavian king considered this practice injurious to his people, and in compelled the Germans to withdraw their trade.

Toward the end of the 13th century, among the enumerated wares of commerce, imported from thirty-four countries into Belgium, Norway was the only one, which included butter.

Truffle butter is a great way to preserve the aroma of truffles. Chefs recommend using truffle within five days or so. Aside from freezing it, making truffle butter is a good method to preserve the flavor.

Dating Sider for Unge Under 15 S. The history of dating after A. If you are speaking of the current pottery made by Red Wing Stoneware and Pottery with the Bob White logo on them, yes, they are microwave safe. It had several small pottery factories. Com Red Wing Stoneware has a history dating back to the middle. Red Wing of Minnesotas red wing is also a favorite. Shop for red wing stoneware on Etsy, the place to express your creativity through the buying and selling of handmade and vintage goods.

Red Wing Potterys Brittany is one of the earlier patterns, dating from.

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Glenbow Museum Foreword 1 In the authors undertook the task of examining the collections of the Glenbow-Alberta Institute to determine the extent of the museum’s Medalta holdings. The few pieces of hotel china and art wares were insufficient to mount a display and hardly representative of the wide variety of products produced between and , the period during which Medalta manufactured its wares.

In his travels throughout Canada to examine the major Medalta collections in both private and public hands, Forbes discovered several collections that were for sale. These were brought to the attention of the authors, who had expressed the desire to add to Glenbow’s holdings, and with the support of Glenbow’s Acquisition Society several collections were acquired.

The watt Pottery remained in business from to when the factory was destroyed by fire and never rebuilt. At the beginning the pottery manufactured stoneware crocks, butter churns.

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